vs Hong Kong Dragons

72 - 72

Match Report


A perfect afternoon for football on Saturday, thanks to all the Vikings and Dragons who made it down to The Ho. As usual with the Vikings v Dragons matches teams were intermixed for competitiveness! In a very tightly fought game the Blues (captained by Dazza) pipped the Reds (captained by Kells) by 12 goals to 10.

Plenty of highlights and a detailed wrap to follow. Injuries to Vikings included a calf (Steve), knee (Wilbur) and groin (Chairman) and Dragons a cheekbone/eye (who else but The Hound) which was thankfully caused by another Dragon (possibly deliberate…). Huge thanks to Riggsy for umpiring and word is he was paid off with a slab of Gatorade by a certain captain. Great to see plenty of wags and kids and about five Dragons were the last seen at The Ivy sipping on the cheapest and coldest beers in HK.

Well played to all, willing football and great to watch.


photo 4