Tribal Sport is the official merchandise partner of AFL Asia. The Tribal team live and breathe sport – and it is their passion to improve the look of team apparel and sportswear for any club or client. Their product range is moulded around satisfying everyone involved, from the club staff to the people performing on the field. They specialize in uniforms, promotional products, workwear, printing and signage, and have kitted up many AFL teams across Asia.

Establishing themselves in the region in 2008, Austhai Geophysical Consultants service major contracts across Thailand, China, Mongolia and the South-East Asia and Asia Pacific region. They focus on providing services, support, expert advice and guidance for geophysical exploration and geotechnical programs.

Zena Sport are dedicated to providing the most advanced female impact protection vest for contact sports. They have developed a world leading performance garment and now partner with multiple leading bodies, including the AFLW and many AFLW players. They are committed to growing the game in any capacity they can, and ensuring all AFL Asia participants are awarded the same protection and comfort for ultimate performance.

Sherrin is the official football partner of AFL Asia and the AFL. Founded in 1880, they have been manufacturing the unique Australian football for over 100 years and are as iconic as the game itself. Sherrin has a passion for growing the game, from junior participation programs right through to the international game, where they continue offering discounted rates to AFL teams across Asia.

X Digital is the official media partner of AFL Asia. Based in Vietnam, the team specialize in graphic design and website design and maintenance and have been supporting AFL Asia platforms since 2016. X Digital has a passion for growing the game across Asia, where they continue offering design and tech services to AFL teams and clubs, from event promotions, to website design, to everything in between.
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