AFL Asia has had a fantastic season on and off of the field and in doing so would like to celebrate each club’s / league’s award winners and accolade recipients. Big congratulations to all of the award winners and accolade recipients!

Bali Geckos

Greg Hinchliffe Medal (Best & Fairest) – Jack Ahearn

Runner-Up – Bryce Critch

3rd – Rick Olarenshaw

Most Improved – Nick Royan

Most Courageous – Luke Mitchell

Best Indonesian – Putu Darmawan

Best Masters Player (Best Performed Player Over 35) – Rick Olarenshaw

Coaches Award – Greg Hinchliffe & Matt Stephens

Best Clubman Award – Adam Bilwani (Reappointed as the Bali Pink Geckos Coach for season 2020)

All-Asian Team – Jack Ahearn


Bali Pink Geckos

Best & Fairest – Nikki Dillon

Coaches Award – Veronika Bennett

Beijing Bombers



Cambodian Apsaras

Best & Fairest – Neat Khin

Runner-Up – Kelsy Burns

3rd – Sreymich Phat

Most Courageous – Kate Nickson

Rising Star Award – Ava Tida

Most Improved – Thida Doeur

Leading Goalkicker – Ruby Cray

All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team – Neat Khin (Captain), Sreymich Phat & Noy Nan

All-Asian AFLW Team – Neat Khin (Deputy Vice Captain), Kelsey Burns & Sreymich Phat


Cambodian Eagles

Nick Dixon Community Award – Sophoan Peou

Sophoan Peou, pictured alongside incoming Cambodian Eagles President Pieter Bossink, thoroughly deserved her Nick Dixon Community Award for her services towards her assisting her local community and her umpiring efforts throughout the year for AFL Asia.

Cambodian Cobras

Best & Fairest – Nas Nan

Cambodian Cobras Best Fairest Nas Nan, enjoyed another fantastic year for both the Cobras and Eagles.

Runner-Up – Kun Kuy

3rd – Christopher

Cambodian Eagles

Best & Fairest – Peter Kokke

Runner-Up Best & Fairest – Pieter Bossink

3rd – Duncan Smith

Most Courageous – Ruadhan O’Deasmhunnaigh

Rising Star Award – Jake Hodges

Most Improved – Woody

Leading Goalkicker – Peter Kokke

Best Clubman Award – David Bryce

President’s Award – Mike Hopewell

All-Asian Team – Jake Board


Guangzhou Scorpions

Best & Fairest – Xian’s Yu Deng (Bruce)

Xian Yu Deng, affectionately known as Bruce had an outstanding season taking out the Best & Fairest Award at the Guangzhou Scorpions.

Best Clubman – Wu Gui Lin

Coaches Award – Michael Ouzas & Dianyu Lin (Whisker)

Rising Star Award – Dacheng Chen

All-Asian Team – Wu Gui Lin (China Reds)


Guangdong AFL

Best & Fairest – Noel Gator (Zhujiang Power)

Leading Goalkicker – Ruhao Zhao (Zhujiang Power)

Rising Star Award – Lianghua Li (Guangzhou Seagulls)

Best Goal of the Year – Zhaorui Liu (Foshan Wolves)

Best Mark of the Year – Raofu Yang (Guangzhou Seagulls)

Best Coach – Xingzhen Wu (Huizhou Hawks)

Best Organizing Team – Dong Guan Blues


Hong Kong Dragons

Best & Fairest – Darren Brackenridge

Runner-Up – Tom Butlin

Asian Champs Best Player (Division 1) – Sam Agars

Sam Agars was a tower of strength for the Hong Kong Dragons at this year’s Asian Champs and was rewarded accordingly.

Asian Champs Best Player (Division 3) – Tim Archer

International Player of the Year – Jordan Cassidy

Coaches Award – Benn Naylor

Best Clubman – Josh Mahony

Life Membership – Chris Barr

All Asian Team – Sam Agars, Benny Liu, Tom Butlin & Gary Wines


Hong Kong Dragons (Women’s)

Best & Fairest – Triona O’Donoghue

Asian Champs Best Player – Jess Cole

Jess Cole, has been the face of the Hong Kong Dragons women’s team and picked up a swag of awards at the Dragons formal function last month.

Coaches Award – Fiona Gilbert

Best Club Woman – Jess Cole

All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team – Brenda Chan & Sally Wong

All-Asian AFLW Team – Katie Klatt, Triona O’Donoghue, Brenda Chang & Sally Wong

Indonesian Volcanoes

Best & Fairest – Jack Ahearn and Kalen Islet

Best Clubman – Graham Nicholas

All-Asian Team – Jack Ahearn, Kalen Iselt & Michael Alexander


Jakarta Bintangs

BJ Morgan Award – Best Player – Kalen Iselt

Matt Stevens Award – Runner-Up – Vincent Halim

Kalen Iselt (left) and Vincent Halim had remarkable seasons for the Jakarta Bintangs and the Indonesian Volcanoes.

Leading Goalkicker – Matt Jolly

Coaches Award – Jon Baker

Best Clubman – Matt Jolly

Best Goal of the Year – Bombok

Best Mark of the Year – Yossie

Golden Headband – Caroline Delfs

All-Asian Team – Kalen Iselt & Michael Alexander


AFL Japan

Peter Wilson Medal – A. League Best & Fairest

Hayata Ono, Ken Sato (both Tokyo Bay Suns) & Yudai Yamaji (Komazawa Magpies)

Leading Goalkicker – William Shi (Tokyo Bay Suns)

Grand Final BOG – George Burberry (Tokyo Goannas)

Rising Star Award – Yusuke Murata (Senshu Powers)

Best Umpire – Brett Qualtrough (Tokyo Goannas)

Best Staff Member – Aoi Miwa (Senshu Powers) & Haruka Koba (Komazawa Magpies)

Person of Distinguished Service – Yuta Toyoshima (R246 Lions)

Club of Distinguished Service – Tokyo Goannas

Best Writer – Yuko Fukuda

Best Photo – Perry Brown (Tokyo Bay Suns)

All-Asian Team – Hiroo Kuroda & Ruairi O’Driscall

Laos Elephants

All-Asian Team – Vilayluck Onphanmany

Macau Lightning

All-Asian Team – Eric Kerrison

Malaysian Warriors

All-Asian Team – Ben Simpson & Luke Rylands

Malaysian Warriors Women’s

All-Asian AFLW Team – Lyndsay Clarke (Playing Coach/Captain) & Helena Blair

Mongolian Wolves / Mongolian AFL

Best & Fairest – Oswald Caceres

Best Forward – Zac Cooke

Best Defender – Adam Kent

Best Club Person – Andy McCarthy

Most Improved – Bart Gurbazar

Myanmar Shwe Chinthes

TBA in January

All-Asian Team – Han Tun Aung

Philippine Eagles / PAFL

Carmen-Murrihy Medal (Best Player) – Sam Ila

Manoli Loukas Award (Leading Goal Kicker) – Marcus Wyatt

Best Clubman – Mark Willingham

Most Improved Player – Ratania Ila & Charlize Ila

Best First Year Player – Roland Jones

Goal of the Year – Chad Garcia

Mark of the Year – Jason Long

Anzac Spirit Award – Karweng Ng

All-Asian Team – Shaun Boag & Kris Laws

PNG Muruks

All-Asian Team – Jeffery Namette, Kelly Kaugla & Archie Mai

Shanghai Tigers


Singapore Wombats

Tony Boatman Award (Best & Fairest) – Gab Irons

Gab Irons (left) pictured with Singapore Wombats President Mark Macdonald took out the Wombats Tony Boatman Award as the club’s Best & Fairest.

Division 1 Asian Champs Best Player – Nick Selff

Division 3 Asian Champs Best Player – Wayne Love

Masters Best & Fairest – Justin Hotton

Most Improved – Nick Robson

Bill Niko Award (Most Courageous) – Tim Argent

Leading Goal Kicker – Gab Irons

Best First Year Player – Oliver Meldrum

Clubman of the Year Award – Ben Adams

Alan Power Award (Best Played against the Irish) – Nick Robson

All-Asian Team – Gab Irons, Nick Selff & Wayne Love

Singapore Wombettes

Best & Fairest – Sinead Kennedy

Sinead Kennedy pictured above, not only received the Singapore Wombettes Best & Fairest Award, she also received the AFLW Asian Champs Best Player of the Tournament Award and AFLW All-Asian honours.

Leading Goal Kicker – Catherine Maclean

AFLW Asian Champs Best Player of the Tournament – Sinead Kennedy

All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team – Kimberly Chow & Masyita Hatuena (Indonesian)

All-Asian AFLW Team – Sinead Kennedy, Catherine Maclean, Kimberly Chow & Masyita Hatuena

Thailand Tigers

The “Legend” Award – Michael Sammons

Michael Sammons Leading Goal Kicker Award – Jake McIntosh

Saul Morgan Captains Award – Tyrone Obst

Geoff Everett Coaches Award – Joe Stahura

Most Improved – Jeremy Cox

All-Asian Team – Dave Shields & Tyler York

Thailand Tigers (Women’s)

Best & Fairest – Chanel Marson

Most Improved – Anna Gibson

All-Asian AFLW Team – Chantel Marson & Caitlin Sheriden

Vietnam Swans

Best & Fairest – Oscar Silk

Runner-Up – Will Sullivan

Player’s Player – Jake Norris

Most Improved Player – Thomas Watson

Best Local Player – Nguyen Dinh Anh

Nguyen Dinh Anh had another massive season for the Vietnam Swans and was rewarded for effort receiving the Vietnam Swans Best Local Player Award.

Coaches Award – Thomas Niit

President’s Award – James Bairstow

President’s Award – KOTO (Local Development Partner)

Life Membership – Maz Scanlon, Dan Lucardie & James Bairstow

All-Asian Team – Oscar Silk & Micka Matthews

Vietnam Lady Swans

Best & Fairest – Chia Sabbatucci & Naomi Reidy

Chia Sabbatucci (left) and Naomi Reidy shared the honours of winning the Vietnam Lady Swans Best & Fairest. Both ladies also received AFLW All-Asian Team honours for the second year running.

Runner-Up – Ela Walsh

Player’s Player – Steph Lee

Most Improved Player – Katie Walsh

Best Local Player – Lucy Nguyen

Coaches Award – Cindy Armstrong

All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team – Thi Ngoc Linh Nguyen, Thi Xuan Thuy Nguyen & Nini Beltran (Filipino)

All-Asian AFLW Team – Chia Sabbatucci (Assistant Coach/Vice Captain), Naomi Reidy (Deputy Vice Captain), Thi Ngoc Linh Nguyen, Thi Xuan Thuy Nguyen & Nini Beltran