AFL Asia is delighted to announce an 24% increase in participation growth for the 2019 season, ultimately stemming off the back of an increase in local development, female, Auskick and school-based program participants, as well as natural growth across the region.

The growth in participation across the Asian region sees the total amount of participants rise from 11,917 in 2018 to 14,769 in 2019, which highlights the fantastic efforts from key volunteers within clubs and leagues, who drive their programs to create sustainable growth for the future of our great game.

Key areas of statistical growth in participation include the following;

  • Singapore (Wombats, Wombettes & Sharks – Auskick) had a 64.38% increase in total participants, which includes an incredible 500% increase in female Auskick participants. The highly regarded Singapore Sharks Auskick program is one of the biggest in the world with an impressive 425 participants and gained a 136% increase in participants in 2019. Growth was also aided by the introduction of the Singapore Wombettes Women’s team throughout the season.
  • AFL India’s 55.21% increase in participants is the direct result of their strategical approach towards increasing the total amount of AFL playing states within the country, which has significantly risen from 8 to 12 throughout the year. West Bengal alone had an increase of over 2,000 participants and indicates further growth is imminent in the world’s second most populated country.
  • The Thailand Tigers growth of 43.23% is a very pleasing result for the 2019 Asian Championships host country, with their successful rise in participants on the back of their male participants nearly doubling, the introduction of their women’s team and a newly implemented school-based program. The Thailand Tigers are looking to extend their local development initiatives in the 2020 season.
  • The growth of local development has been a key factor behind the Vietnam Swans 33.33% increase in participants. Their established pathway program with local NPO KOTO (know one, teach one) provides local Vietnamese with the opportunity to prosper and create life-changing experiences. Natural growth in their senior teams has also paid dividends for the Swans on and off their field.
  • AFL Japan’s 15.59% growth is a direct result of an increase in Auskick and school-based participants and is a reward for effort for their local Japanese development team. What is not included amongst their total participant figures is the fact that AFL Japan had a further 1924 one-off participants, who attended 19 community events and 11 school promotions, with the vision of them becoming regular participants in the future.
  • Notable and pleasing growth was also achieved in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.


AFL Asia would like to thank all of the countless volunteers across our region and sincerely appreciate their drive and passion to grow our great game – Your efforts don’t go unnoticed and we look forward to your continued support in the future!