On 20 November 2014, Kevin Sheedy wrote to World Footy News about GIANT clubs spreading around the world. Below is an excerpt.

“It’s been an exciting year for GIANTS community clubs around the globe. Nearly 20 clubs across Australia and the world wore the GIANTS colours in 2014.

“For a club that’s only been in the AFL for three years this is a fantastic achievement and we want to spread the GIANTS name across the world.

“The South East London GIANTS made the AFL London Grand Final for the first time but lost in a close match. The Zaprude GIANTS in Croatia came fourth in the CEAFL league which includes Croatian and Austrian teams while they came third in the Croatian National League.”

For further information about forming a GIANTS footy club, he says to contact the GIANT’s Fan Development Coordinator, Lauren Francis – which AFL Asia has done.

Lauren writes that the GIANTS can “give some of the overseas clubs about 20 of our old stock jumpers as well as access to our IP etc. We can do up a club logo that the club can use.”

If you would like to contact Lauren, email her at lauren.francis@gwsgiants.com.au