The existing AFL Asia Committee recently put forward a proposal to it’s Full Members regarding a new
AFL Asia Advisory Board (AAAB) being implemented and restructuring its level of governance to become a more formally recognized AFL International Affiliate under the AFL’s umbrella.

The AAAB proposal was passed unanimously, which highlights the level support that AFL Asia’s Full
Members have for the new vision and more importantly their underlying support for the newly
appointed Asia Development Manager Simon Highfield in his role.

The initial implementation phase will involve appointing the inaugural AAAB, whose role will be to
support Simon and represent AFL Asia in a holistic and strategic manner that will add to the foundations of those who have served AFL Asia in official capacities in the past and streamline growth and development in the future.

Those interested in nominating for the AAAB or are interested in finding out any information related to
the AAAB and the nomination process are advised to directly contact Simon Highfield at as the deadline for nominations is the COB on Tuesday 15th October 2019.