Feature movie, “Aussie Rules the World” is coming to the Silver Screen

Our footy teams across Asia have been saying for a long time that footy rocks in this part of the world.

At the Hong Kong Dragons’ 25th anniversary last weekend, we thought of the original Dragons back in 1989. Would have they thought of themselves back then as the founding fathers of a club that would be so strong in 2014? Now, however, when we imagine the next 25 years, the playing field has changed so dramatically that we can ONLY imagine an Asian landscape in 2039 where footy holds a very spectacular place. It’s just the detail that we grapple with.

Meanwhile, a feature footy movie titled, Aussie Rules the World, has been made which will be released on 22 July 2014. The movie “follows AFL superstar, Brett Kirk, on an international mission to save the game. Narrated by award winning actor David Wenham- this film uncovers people’s passion for footy in unexpected corners of the globe. Footy will never be the same!


“After retiring from his role as Premiership Captain at the Sydney Swans Brett Kirk is hired as the AFL’s international Ambassador. He is the perfect man for this demanding role as he is an inspiring leader, relentless opponent and proud mentor to many young players across the football world. The film follows this exciting, challenging and personal journey with Kirky, his wife Haley and 4 children as they travel through 23 countries in 6 months introducing the infamous Australian AFL Sherrin football to hundreds of would be enthusiasts. Does the world have what it takes?

The release of this movie opens up many exciting opportunities for AFL Asia’s clubs. It will greatly promote the fact that footy is being played outside of Australia which will help our cause in terms of the recruitment of players, sponsors, supporters and other stakeholders.

The movie also makes the point that “the traditional Australian sports landscape is undergoing a radical change. Aussie Rules the World explores these shifting times when audiences, athletes and the media dollar now compete in an international arena and AFL must look to position itself in this global market”.

That type of thinking will help position AFL Asia’s footy clubs as part of the solution as we further integrate with our host countries and expand our professional networks.

Each of AFL Asia’s footy clubs are in direct contact with the makers of the film about special screenings, prizes and give aways. In addition, we are working with them for our special AFL Asia event on 17 August in Melbourne during the 2014 International Cup.

Aussie Rules the World is “All Good” for the development of footy across Asia and the member clubs of AFL Asia.

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How good is footy in Asia? Mega awesome!