If you had the Australian women’s volleyball team, the Volleyroos, handballing and kicking their way around a football field with the Vietnam Swans on your 2022 bingo card, you’d better buy a lottery ticket!

The Volleyroos, who are travelling in Asia as preparation for their upcoming Asian Volleyball Cup tournament in Manila, the Philippines, got involved with the Vietnam Swans over the weekend in Hanoi.

Despite their volleyball skills, the girls were very capable footballers during their time with the Swans, and were enthusiastic to get involved and help grow and develop Australia’s indigenous game.

The Swans showing the Volleyroos a thing or two about handballing

They joined in the Swans Vietkick program, which involves young men and women from the KOTO Pathways Program, designed to engage more young people in physical activity and teach the benefits of physical activity and movement through sport. KOTO, which stands for Know One, Teach One, works to empower at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam, and have a long-standing partnership with the Swans.

Eric Kerrison, President of the Vietnam Swans, welcomed their attendance.

“It was great to spend time again with the Australian Women’s Volleyball team during their time in Hanoi, their second visit to the nation’s capital. The girls were great with the kids, putting a smile on their faces and having fun through sport.”

The Volleyroos were great additions to the program, and the Vietnam Swans are keen to welcome them back anytime.

The Swans and Volleyroos share some smiles.