It all started at a Mining, Oil & Gas function at the Le Grandeur Hotel Balikpapan on the 9th January 2008.

A few Australian expats were discussing the formation of an Australian Rules football team in Balikpapan. From that day on things grew over a few short meetings and numerous discussions to see how the general feeling was, soon every location in Balikpapan and the surrounding areas where Australians frequented was abuzz with talk of bringing our great game to Balikpapan.

Support came from every where: Bali Geckos, Jakarta Bintangs, Thai Tigers and even the Dubai Dingo club were keen to assist our new team.

On February 6th 2008 a meeting was arranged to finalize a name and club colours, and that’s when the Borneo Bears were born.

The formation of the Club has a number of purposes:

  • Play and promote the sport of Australian Rules football throughout Kalimantan/Borneo.
  • Introduce Australian Rules football to the local schools by providing coaching clinics and equipment to form a mini league.
  • Support the club mascot, the Kalimantan Honey Bear or Beruang Madu. There is a sanctuary for the Honey Bear just out of Balikpapan that survives on donations and volunteers alone. The Borneo Bears Australian Rules Football Club is supporting this sanctuary by means of donations and voluntary assistance.

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