UPDATE: New AFL ASIA Kit ordering Webpage at: http://www.brandhk.com/afl/

After the Asia wide survey of team wear providers the results showed some teams paying a lot for their playing gear and others not so happy. Out of this research AFL ASIA has recently signed new sponsor Brand HK as “preferred supplier of AFL ASIA team wear”. Brand HK offer factory direct prices (cheaper than most), complete custom, individually named and numbered tops, shorts, socks etc. Also all team branded kit from branded Sports bags to caps, to pens and all sorts. Included is hosting your own teams online shop! Eg: http://www.brandhk.com/clubs/default.asp?c=19

Brand HK have genourously supported AFL Asia with a CASH sponsorship, discounted prices and 10% cash rebate from AFL ASIA to each club that orders from Brand HK! A few teams are already finding the advantages. A sales package will be sent to your team shortly to explain everything. Please support AFL ASIA and at least compare,

website at: http://www.brandhk.com/afl/

Contact: nick@brandhk.com.

(*Note: this is preferred not compulsory so those teams getting free gear or heavily discounted, no probs, but we’ve done the research and believe most teams will be better off overall with this deal. Keep in mind next year’s sponsorship amount will be decided on uptake! )