Story by ZhangHao

2016 GuangDong Australian Football League culminated with the Grand Final Day in Huizhou Health Sciences Polytechnic on 10th Dec.
After three minor rounds, Pearl River Power lead the ladder. Power played against with Guangzhou Sports University Seagulls for the Semi Final. Guangzhou scorpions also need to fight with Huizhou Hawks to try to get into the Grand Final.

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Every Semi- Final game looks like much competitive comparing with the past rounds game, every team try their best to win the game, let us see some good photos of the game.
广州蝎子 VS 惠州老鹰
广体海鸥 VS 珠江力量

After two semi-final game, GZ Scorpions and GZSU seagulls got the chance to play Final. GZSU Seagulls are the champion of 2014 Season and GZ Scorpions are the champion of 2015, So the Final game must be fantastic.
决赛:广州蝎子 VS 广体海鸥


2016 GDAFL Final Result:

GZSU Seagulls didn’t win any game throughout the normal season Rounds, but they never lose their confident and they trained hard during the past months. They beat the Pearl River Power in the Semi-Final and beat Scorpions again in the Final. They made the history to become the champion of 2016 GDAFL. Congratulation to them!

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Happiness of Victory
Award Ceremony
2016 GDAFL
The Best & Fairest:Deng Xiao Yu
The Most Goal kicker:Chen zi Wei
The Most Courage player:Wei Kai
The Best Rookie:Zhu Jin Peng
2016 Guangzhou Scorpions
The Best & Fairest:Chen Jiang Tian
The Best Rookie:Wu Zi Jian
2016 Guangzhou Sports University Seagulls
The Best & Fairest:Wu Xing Zhen
The Best Rookie:Huang Jian Long
2016 Huizhou Hawks
The Best & Fairest:Zhuang Huan Gang
The Best Rookie:Li Shi Xiong
2016 Pearl River Power 
The Best & Fairest:Ma Nan Mao
The Best Rookie:Li Jian Sheng
2016 GDAFL Grand Final
The Best Rookie:Huang Jian Long
The Best & Fairest:Chen Shu Kai

2016 GDAFL
The Most Contribution people:Chen Jia Min
2016 GDAFL
The Best Stuff:
Qiu Xiao Bing、Luo Xue Juan、Zhong Yong Si、
Liao Jin Xuan、Yu Wen Feng、Cai Cui Na、Liang Shao En
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Story: ZhangHao

Photos: GDAFL