The Hong Kong Dragons are one of Asia’s first AFL clubs, established in 1990, and currently have a membership base of 50-60 players.

Early in the year the Dragons focus is the SCAFL series, the South China Australian Football League, played from January to June each year. The Dragons provide three of the six teams, along with Macau, Guangzhou and Guangdong. The focus is on development with these teams each including from 25% to 100% local Chinese players.

Then the Dragons’ focus turns to the annual Asian Championships. They also play in the annual Manila Cup, AFL ASIA international tours, play an annual international rules match against the HK Gaelic team, and games against the HK VIKINGS.

The Junior Auskick program is strong with nearly 400 kids signed up. They are divided into four teams which play tournaments against each other several times a season. There is also an International Carnival for Auskick juniors.

The Dragons also have many social events throughout the year. The Dragons’ AFL Grand Final Luncheon attracts over 300 patrons.

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