The Japan Samurais are previewed in the lead up to IC14.

The Japan Samurais are previewed in the lead up to IC14.

Cam Homes from World Footy News previews the Japan Samurais in the lead up to IC14.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Samurai, Japan’s national team has a long history, having played at ‘international level’ since the late 1990’s with participation in the Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia. Japan has contested all the International Cups, the best placing being eighth in IC08.

IC14 Squad

The Samurai squad was announced on3rd June 2014, twenty six Top League East players and two players currently playing in Australia have been named along with a management and support staff of seven.

There is an exciting blend of youth and experience in the squad, roughly half having played at IC’s before, the most experienced player being Michito Sakaki, suiting up for his 5th International Cup. Yusuke Kuno also has experience aplenty for his 4th IC whilst Masaya Nakamura, Junji Tanaka, Jun Sekiguchi ,Hiroyuki Toyamai and Toshiki Matsuhashi are all playing their third International Cup.

The other IC ‘veterans’ are Mitsugu Kazawa, Takashi Kamada, Daichi Tanabe, Kumpei Komura, Hisayoshi Oura and Yuki Akita (3rd IC) who is one of the players currently playing in Australia at Mt. Gambier North, South Australia. Takashi Kamada is also playing in Australia with West Footscray in Melbourne, Victoria.

First timers include Yukihiro Ami, Sohei Yoshida (spent five weeks on scholarship playing at Box Hill North, Victoria recently), Takumi Sato, Yoshharu Sasaki, Takuto Tsuneto, Yusei Hasagawa, Yula Toyoshima, Ryosuke Sato, Kotaku Takasaki, Daiki Kai, Yusuke Matasumoto, Tomokazu Soda, Kohei Sekine, Yohei Kichiraku and Junpei Ito.

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