The 2014 Indochina Cup All Stars Squad has been announced.

The 2014 Indochina Cup All Stars Squad has been announced.

Rut Ngarnarayakul, the driving force behind the Indochina All Stars which will debut in Thailand on 16 August 2014, has just announced the squad.

The squad, to be coached by the 2006 Norm Smith Medallist from West Coast Eagles, Andrew Embley, boasts 24 players from the following countries:

  • 7 Thais (one plays for the Laos Elephants)
  • 7 Laos
  • 4 Vietnamese (Hopefully we’ll have 2 more)
  • 6 Cambodians

Congratulations to all players who are listed below. This is an exciting new chapter for footy in Indochina and Asia!

Name Number Size Name on Jumper Nationality
Rut 21 M Rutkermanis Thai
Jom 25 S Jom Thai
Alex 7 M Cabbage Thai
Benjamin Cox 14 M Ben C Thai
Nicolas Cox 88 M Nicolas Thai
Jeremy Cox 1 S Jezza Thai
Game 10 M Game Thai
Thonglien 8 M Lien.Th Lao
Sak 3 M Sak Lao
Vilayluck 2 L LuckVO Lao
Udone 15 L Done.S Lao
Duangchai 4 L Jai Lao
Pakaykeo 6 L Ting Lao
Chomsee 12 M Chomsee Lao
Aaron 77 M Aaron Vietnamese
Joey 11 L NGUYEN . L Vietnamese
Andy Marr 5 S An Phan Marr Vietnamese
Kim Voung 90 S Vuong Vietnamese
Nas 5 S N N K Cambodian
Kunn 22 M T K Cambodian
OUN 20 M Oun Cambodian
Sitha 11 M Gen.T Cambodian
Pros 99 S Lycan Cambodian
Vannak 17 M Vannak Cambodian