Desperate times calls for desperate measures and the community outreach and assistance that is being personified by the Thailand Tigers and their local Auskick contingent is enormously inspiring to say the least.

The local youngsters in conjunction with the Duang Prateep Foundation have been investing in their local communities by providing much needed food parcels.

The young Thaiger Cubs are fast becoming role-models and leaders in their communities and to find out more, please feel free to read the statement below released by the Thailand Tigers.

“Our Auskick stars are working extremely hard alongside the Duang Prateep Foundation to distribute food parcels throughout their local community. The boys are proud to be associated with the Thailand Tigers and we are equally proud of the role-models they are becoming in their communities. The strong values each boy possesses has shone through recently with regular acts of kindness such as these. Times are particularly tough in Thailand at present and there’s nothing more important during these times than sticking together”.

“Well done boys, great efforts”.