Myanmar Shwe Chinthes vs Cambodian Eagles

65 - 28

Match Report


The Myanmar Fighting Cocks have continued their positive start to the 2015 AFL Asia season by defeating the Cambodian Eagles 65-28 on Saturday 21st April in Yangon.

Fresh from their Vientianne Cup success, AFL Asia’s new kids on the block had all the run against their IndoChina neighbours, at their first home game for the year at the specially designed ground at Star City, Yangon, with the exact dimensions of the SCG before a solid Yangon crowd of 100+. The larger ground size meant players were able to find space and kick long to leading targets in a more old fashioned style of footy.

The game started in good spirits with Eagles coming out of the blocks well and kicking the opening couple of goals. The Fighting Cocks fought back and were able to level the score at quarter time. The Eagles talls proved especially useful early on, winning lots of the ball when it counted.

After a good spray as quarter time, the Fighting Cocks got their act into gear and started applying scoreboard pressure courtesy of a slimmed down version of the Big Rooster, who bagged 4 for the day.

The Cambodian National players proved particularly elusive for most of the cumbersome Fighting Cocks, often finding themselves in plenty of space. However, the Fighting Cocks kept up good pressure in the midfield and were able to deliver the ball into their forward line and eventually run away 6 goal winners.

In a special day for the Fighting Cocks, they were able to blood 4 Myanmar national players who all got a great taste of Aussie Rules and will hopefully become the building block of much greater local involvement. The Eagles managed to bring 7 national players across which fielded almost half their side.

After the game, impromptu games of cricket broke out before players and supporters ventured over to the showers and Irrawaddy Pizza for some cold beers and good pizza, all within the Star City’s facilities. After 2 hours of free flow beer and pizza, the party moved onto the ‘Cocks favourite watering hole at 50th Street Bar in down town Yangon. All in all, an excellent day of football was had on a good ground alongside plenty of off-field fun.

Best players-

‘Cocks: Cox; Rooster; Roebuck

Eagles: Thomas; Nas; Fitzgerald

Goal kickers-

‘Cocks: Rooster – 4.1; Roebuck – 2; Elliot – 1.4; Romanin – 1; Perry – 1

Eagles: Fitzgerald – 1.2; Thomas – 1; Nas – 1; Wicks – 1

Final Score

‘Cocks 9 11 65

Eagles 4 4 28


NOTES: Field Umpires – Peter McDonald; Nick Cumpston

Goal Umpires – Lauren Benson; Ross Bray

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