61 - 2

Match Report

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2016

Clash of the strongest teams at home. Previous games showed the respective power of the Lizards over the similarly strong Typhoons. That strong playing style was carried into this game.

Conversely the Stingrays had an easy earlier game against Macau and carried that playing style into the Lizards game. The Lizards quickly showed the Stingrays that was not going to work.

Lizards midfield cleared the ball efficiently to some great forward targets, the Stingrays were made some good passages up the ground but scoring proved difficult.

All in all a wake up call for the Stingrays, the Lizards at home are not to be taken lightly!

Final scores

Lanatu Lizards 9.7.61

Sia Kung Stingrays 0.2.2