Bali Geckos vs Jakarta Bintangs

105 - 90

Match Report



Bali Geckos v Jakarta Bintangs 17 Sep 16 @ Canggu Club, Bali.

Final Score Geckos 16.9. 105 Bintangs 13.12. 90

The Bali Geckos hosted inter-country rivals the Jakarta Bintangs last
Saturday at the luxurious surrounds of the Canggu Club in Bali. Played on a
small soccer field, teams were made up of 10 a side and a morning shower
ensured a soft deck, but also a slightly wet ball.
In what was an extremely hard fought contest, the Geckos ran out winners by
15 points which included a goal to the home team after the final siren. 1993
AFL Premiership player, Rick Olarenshaw did the umpiring for the game and
kept the feistiness of both teams down to a minimum.
The Geckos were served well out of the middle by Chad Fletcher (2006 AFL
Premiership player), with the locally grown talent of Markus Didikus feeding
him well from the ruck. Ably assisted by long term Geckos, Sammy Gosling and
Adam Bilwani the Geckos had the slight edge in the midfield. Around the
ground, the Bintangs were working hard to curb the influence of the Geckos
danger forward, Josh Young who still managed 6 goals.
Gerard Barnes was everywhere for the Bintangs and new recruit James Bristow,
hot off a season in the WAFL was causing havoc in the ruck and the air
around the ground and managed a bag of goals himself. With a one goal lead
at quarter time, the Geckos were aware of the new WAFL recruit for the
Bintangs so decided to match it with their own recruit for the day, Mark
Baguley from Essendon. The contest was a see-saw one for the rest of the
afternoon before late in the game Baguely brought down mark of the day
sitting atop the Bintang centre half back and snapped truly on his return to

Other notable performances from the Bintangs included Chad Loan and
Indonesian national player, Dilla.

Jack Viney, fresh off his first B&F for the Demons was in the crowd and
enjoyed the spectacle. The winners trophy was presented to the captain of
the Bali Geckos, Rod Joseph, by the honorable MP for Darwin, Luke Gosling,
an ex-Gecko and founder of the Timor Crocs football team.

Photo: The Honorable MP for Darwin, Luke Gosling, presenting the winners
trophy to Bali Geckos captain, Rod Joseph.