The Myanmar Fighting Cocks have recently announced that Henry Cox shall be the new President. The Cocks shall also join this year's 8th Annual Indochina Cup in Thailand. The Myanmar Fighting Cocks who had their international debut a month ago against the Thailand Tigers in Yangon, have a new President; namely, Henry Cox.

The Fighting Cocks first game was powered by Big Rooster Footy (yes, that’d be the Rooster) who is based in Singapore.

All member clubs welcome Henry a very warm welcome to AFL Asia.

Wasting no time, the Myanmar Fighting Cocks have confirmed that they will play in the 8th Annual Indochina Cup on 16 August 2014. They will join the Cambodian Eagles, Thailand Tigers, Lao Elephants and the reigning champs, the Vietnam Swans.

This year, the event will be held in Thailand for the first time since 2009.