The Osaka Dingoes is an Australian Football League (AFL) team based in Osaka, Japan.

The Club was formed in 1990 by a group of passionate expats, trying to promote the game throughout Japan.

Although the Osaka Dingoes was originally formed by expats, today, it boasts an even spread of members from Japan and Australia, as well as other foreign countries. The original club guernsey was based on the Essendon Bombers. The 2011 premiership jumper was based on the Darwin Buffaloes and is sky blue on navy blue. The current jumper was based on a design by Louis Patterson.

Since 2003, the Osaka Dingoes have competed in the Japan Cup (formerly known as the Narita Cup), an annual round robin tournament pitting teams from throughout Japan and Australia. As these events became more regular, the Osaka Dingoes decided to join the Japan Australian Football League (Japan AFL) in 2007 and finished second in their debut season.

The Dingoes won both the Japan Cup and the JAFL Premiership in 2011.

In 2006, Mr Genki Tanaka, from the Osaka Dingoes won a scholarship with Box Hill North Football Club, in Melbourne.

The club and sport in general are both growing.

Club Goals

  • To develop and strengthen the depth of the Osaka Dingoes.
  • To share our great sport with the Japanese and other foreigners in Japan and also to provide an avenue for expats to play football.
  • To have members of the Osaka Dingoes join their respective National teams.
  • To have members of the Osaka Dingoes join the International Cup and Asian Cup.

    To start an Australian Football University League in Kansai.

  • To work in collaboration with the JAFL to expand the league throughout both Kansai and other Western Japanese regions.
  • To continue developing childrens’ Australian Football within Japan.
  • To become a respected part of Osaka’s international community.
  • To develop links with clubs and people involved in Australian Football around the world.

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