The revised 2014 Asian Champs Draw has now been released by the Organising Committee, the PAFL The redraw was necessitated by the Bali Geckos who have confirmed that they will not be able to field their own table. Instead, their players will join the Lao Elephants.

Click here for the full Draw: Asian Champs Draw 2014 – V1.2

Below are the accompanying notes from the President of the PAFL, Peter Hammon:

Good Evening All,

Thanks for your patience in allowing us to complete the revised draw now for a ten team competition.

Due to the even number of teams, we have moved to a pool system of 5 teams per pool. Here are some points on how the draw was done:

Pool Selection of Teams
Based on teams that entered, the top four teams of the 2013 Asian Champs were ranked. The top two teams being Hong Kong #1 & Philippines #2 (2013 Grand Final Teams) were placed in pools with Hong Kong going into “Pool A” and Philippines into “Pool B”.

2013 Asian Champs Semi Finalist, Singapore, and Jakarta were placed in a hat with the first drawn out going to “Pool A” and the other team to “Pool B”.

The rest of the teams were then placed in a hat and one by one were pulled out of the hat alternating between “Pool A” and Pool B” with each team drawn out of the hat.

The Draw of the Pools

The pool draws are based on a 5 team round robin system.

The draw was based on a number. Numbers were allocated to teams by pulling names out of the hat with the first team coming out being numbered #1, and the last #5

With the 5 team draw, a couple of teams will have back to back games due to a bye in the draw, however an extended break between these games has been provided to compensate.

This draw was once again completed by Mark Pekin, who has done the draw for the Manila Cup for several years, and myself.

Team Numbers

While Bali has withdrawn as a team, they will be represented by a number of their players joining the Lao Elephants. Both Lao and Bali had low numbers. The two sets of players have combined and will play under the Lao banner. It’s great news that Bail and Lao will be a part of the Championships and we are looking forward to seeing them.

There is also a chance for players who don’t get a game with their respective teams to compete with teams that have lower numbers. If you have players that haven’t made your team’s squad but want a game, please let me know as they could join other games on the day.


We have 7 field umpires confirmed for this event, but naturally would like more to assist throughout the day. If any team has a field umpire attending who can assist with umpiring a game or two, it would be greatly appreciated. We also welcome goal umpires. While we have a list, the more the merrier to allow everyone to enjoy the day and over the tournament.

We are excited with the event this coming weekend and are looking forward to seeing you all.

Safe travels.