On a beautiful Spring day in Hong Kong playing conditions were optimal. The 6 SCAFL teams made their way to Diamond Hill Cricket Ground, families and friends were out in force taking in the Footy, BBQ and cold beers.

First game of the tournament was home team rivalry of Hong Kong’s (Kowloon) Cobras and HK Lantau Lizards both Hong Kong Dragons teams. The friendliness stopped crossing the white line onto the field as the two teams fought for top spot on the ladder. The Lizards came out of the blocks fast and furoius and had a significant lead by half time break.

After gathering their troops to retain the top spot they fought back aggressively to within 1 point with a few minutes to go. The lizards dug deep got one more goal to hold off for a victory!

Scorpions v Macau showed the Scorpions superior speed and youth full agility of the Chinese players overcoming the undermanned Macau Lightning.

The Hong Kong Typhoons displayed their dominance over the two bottom teams Macau and Seagulls to gain sufficient league points to sneak to the top of the ladder.

Both the Lizards and Typhoons scored two wins, Scorpions a win over Macau Lightning, and Cobras a home ground win over the Scorpions. With the crowd behind the underdogs The Seagulls showed some promise and great tackling pressure throughout the day but were unable to secure a win.

Scores from the day are below and the SCAFL ladder at half way point through the season.


Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.15.59 AM

SCAFL Ladder Rnd 3 copy