Auskick is Alive and Kicking in Indonesia

On a perfect Saturday in mid-May 2016 at a Sports ground alongside the Halim Airport, 400 excited School Children, Teachers, Mums and Dads, Spectators, Organizers and Sponsors converged to enjoy and participate in the “Indonesian Schools Education Day AFL Auskick Challenge”.

For those new to Auskick, it is a football program that has been developed for kids over many years as a stepping stone into playing Australian Rules Football. Auskick is a way to learn the popular sport from Australia in a safe and exciting way that teaches the kids the proper techniques used, the rules of the game and the spirit of playing in a team sport and having fun.

Auskick has been around Indonesia for several years now, however, under the tutelage and leadership of Jeff Gardiner ( Director of AFL Indonesian Development ) and Boy Sabar Pasaribu ( Manager AFL Development Officer ), the Auskick program in 2016 has been taken to new and exciting levels.
Each week, the Development Team travels to different schools around Jakarta, with all the necessary equipment to conduct training clinics and teach the basics of “Auskick”. The Schools have been very receptive of the program and enjoy the games and exercises the Development professionals conduct during these training sessions.
The Schools Auskick Challenge was an obvious progression, taking the game from the schools into a mini tournament scenario. With 20 schools involved, a round-robin type event was played with the leaders of the round-robin playing in a Grand Final. The interest from the Parents , Teachers and Children to participate was incredible and is truly a major step forward in the ongoing Development of Auskick in Indonesia. Apart from just the football, there were plenty of Refreshments made available by the Main Sponsor of the day, COCA-COLA. We thank them for their support and believe this will be just the start of a great relationship and hope to have them on board for many of the future events that are planned.
The best Part about Auskick is that it is not just restricted to being taught in schools. The Development team also conducts clinics running throughout the year and are currently in the middle of a 14-week program that is enjoyed on the newly remodeled artificial turf surface at AIS ( Australian Independent School ) on Saturday afternoons. For more interest and to get your kids involved, please contact or

We would like to thank and congratulate the following schools for their participation in the Indonesian Education Day AFL Auskick Challenge:
SDN Makasar 06 SDN Makasar 05
SDN 07 Kebon Pala SDN 09 Kebon Pala
SDN 11 Kebon Pala SDN 12 Kebon Palaimage1
SDN 13 Kebon Pala SDN 14 Kebon Pala
SDN Angkasa 3 SDN Pinang Ranti 1
SDN Pinang Ranti 3 SDN Angkasa 12

Also, a Special Congratulations to the following:
Auskick Challenge Winning School – SDN Makasar 06
Auskick Challenge Runner-up School – SDN Pinang Ranti 03

“SPIRIT OF PLAY” – Trophy Winners
Nama Sekolah Putra Putri
SDN Kebon Pala 07 Rama Fasya
SDN Kebon Pala 09 Dini Dio
SDN Kebon Pala 11 Samsul Andini
SDN Kebon Pala 12 Yusuf Ayu
SDN Kebon Pala 13 Anhar Nabila
SDN Makasar 05 John Cyhntia
SDN Makasar 06 Andre Cinta
SDN Pinang Ranti 01 Tito Bela
SDN Pinang Ranti 03 Totti Susan
SDS Angkasa 12 Bob Sulis
Other JBAFC News :
In early May 2016, The Jakarta Bintangs hosted the Bali Geckos in what is always a great rivalry between the two teams. After a fierce and hard fought battle, Jakarta just won the game and maintained their unbeaten record of 5 wins and 0 losses for 2016.
The President of the Jakarta Bintangs Australian Football Club , Mr Paul Halliday is proud of his boys maintaining a 100% winning record under his leadership and he is excited for the second half of the year to see if the Bintangs can go unbeaten throughout the season.