During this podcast we catch up with former Singapore Sharks junior and current Thailand Tigers youngster Tyler York! ???? ????????

Affectionately known as ‘Man Boy’ among the Tiger Army, Tyler York is not your average 19 year old! He’s already served as captain and co-captain of one of the Thaigers domestic teams in 2019 & 2020 and displays outstanding leadership skills and maturity beyond his years! ???? ????

Tyler played for the AFL Asia Lions against the Team China Dragons in Shanghai, China in 2019, has previously received All-Asian Team honours and the actual Thailand Tigers Auskick & Junior AFL Best & Fairest Award is named in his honour! ???? ???? ????

Tyler is a is a damaging midfielder and a contested beast on the field and a player who thrives on the physical components of our great game! He reads the play terrifically, is courageous and inspires his teammates to stand taller! ????


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Nicknames: Manboy.

Preferred position/s: On-ball.

Best player/s in Asia: Niall, J-Mac and Paddy from the Thailand Tigers, and Oscar Silk (the Grouch) from the Vietnam Swans.

Best teammate/s: Chicago, Niall and Dude. These guys are always very positive and great to have on a team.

Most annoying teammate: J-Mac. He gets so competitive during the domestic games.

Most difficult opponents: Oscar Silk. I played on him during an ANZAC match, he has great positioning, reach for the ball and sticky hands.

Favourite meal: Basil chicken and rice.

Favourite holiday destination: Maldives. The beaches are really nice!

Invite 4 people of your choice to a dinner party: Michael Jordan, Buddy Franklin, Gary Ablett and Bill Burr.

Best footy trip: The Indochina Cup in Myanmar.

3 things people don’t know about you: I love music and can play guitar and bass (I can’t sing but I love karaoke) and I do quite well in school and get top A grades for maths and sciences.

What rules would you change in the AFL and how can we increase scoring? Allow throwing instead of handballing.