Preview by Chris McAsey

The Indonesian Volcanoes are focused on taking it ‘one game at a time’ during this year’s Champs, after falling agonisingly short in last year’s grand final against the PNG Muruks.

Head coach Rick Olarenshaw is mindful that with short games, momentum is crucial and any team is a chance to win.

‘One mistake or one inspirational moment can swing momentum,’ Rick says. ‘Making the most of scoring opportunities is also crucial.

‘In 2019, we were focused on beating PNG and lost our first game to Hong Kong, so you have to take on every team like its an elimination final.’

Rick says that while the full Indonesian squad only gets together a few times a year, the Bail-Jakarta divide is a thing of the past.

‘We’ve built a really strong camaraderie between the four Indonesian clubs, and we play together with real passion and intensity.

‘When Jakarta and Bali come together to play as Volcanoes, we erupt!’

The women’s team made their Champs debut last year and have since made big strides in their development.

‘The Champs was a great opportunity for them to get to know each other better,’ Rick says.

‘We’ll be better prepared this year. We beat the Wombettes in a nailbiter recently, so this match could be the grudge match of the day and worth a watch.’

The Indonesian Volcanoes making their debut in the 2022 Asian Championships Women’s Division.

Players backing up from last years Champs

Last year the Volcanoes competed in both Men’s Division 1 and 2, and this year will field teams in all 3 men’s divisions and a very competitive team in the women’s.

Jakarta legend Mat Jolly injured his knee in last year’s Champs, and while many thought retirement beckoned for the veteran, he’s fit and ready to show off the forward craft he’s famous for. Volcanoes captain Jack Ahearn has been running ultra marathons, so good luck to the poor bloke assigned to tag him. Troy Luff is the only player who doesn’t reside in Indonesia, but as a Geckos life member, he’s still passionate about playing his twilight years in AFL Asia.

In the women’s, Volcanoes captain Dawn Herring played in an NFL Superbowl and always leads from the front.

New gun players

Peter MacFarlane moved to Bali this year after an illustrious career in Darwin – the man known as “Noodles” will be the Volcanoes new decoy forward to Luffy.

Max Stobbs is a strongly built former British rugby player now living in Jakarta, and his recent form has been dynamic. Max is raw but powerful, with a goose step in his arsenal and could be the Volcanoes X Factor.

The local talent

A quarter of the Volcanoes playing squad are Indonesian, which highlights the success of the local development program. Vincent Halim starred in the 2018 Champs grand final, and has just returned to AFL after a few years off.

The Volcanoes flying high at the 2022 Asian Championships.