Are you interested in developing your skillset and understanding of our great game?!

Become an accredited AFL Foundation Coach!

The AFL Coaching team is once again providing AFL Asia and our coaches complimentary access to the CoachAFL Foundation Course.

This course replaces the former Level 1 Course, and again provides a junior, youth and senior stream. Once completed, the coach will have access to hundreds of tools, resources, videos and lesson plans that will provide fresh ideas and facilitate good coaching for your clubs, teams and organisations.

Asia Development Manager Simon Highfield highlighted the importance of up keeping the accreditation annually and coaches continuing to expand on their coaching experiences.

“We want to ensure that all practising coaches across Asia are accredited formally with the AFL, and this must be done every 12 months. Not only will this improve the quality of our coaching practise across the region but provide fresh ideas and resources that our coaches can utilize during training and game-day”.

AFL Pakistan-based coach Inam Ul Haq became an accredited AFL Foundation Coach (Youth) 12 months ago and it has provided him with an excellent platform to build his knowledge of the game and coaching expertise.

“Coaching has been known to boost confidence, improve work performance and build effective communication skills. This course has helped me master all of these skills. This online course is very helpful and give me so much information to help me become a better coach”

Inam’s thirst and passionate drive for the game has grown on the back of his experiences as an AFL Foundation Coach and has recently undertaken the AFL Level 2 Coaching Course in conjunction with AFL NSW/ACT as he continues to build his coaching repertoire.

Howard Zhang, the Guangzhou Scorpions Football Operations Manager and the face of football in China, undertook the AFL Level 1 Course along with approximately 40 local teammates back in March 2018 and have since utilized the CoachAFL Foundation Online Learning Platform to great affect.

“Although English is hard for most Chinese coaches it has great resources for our coaches and we can learn a lot by watching the video resources in particular.”

The ongoing access to the CoachAFL Foundation Course has been a pivotal outcome as the Guangzhou Scorpions and the Guangdong Australian Football League continue to grow and expand their junior development programs.

As previously mentioned the CoachAFL Foundation Course is accessible for free and is openly available to all coaches throughout the Asian region – For more information and to register please contact your local club or organization.