During this podcast we caught up with former Beijing Bombers player and the current Guangzhou Scorpions Football Operations Manager and legendary leader 张浩! ???? ????????

张浩 (Zhang Hao) is widely regarded as the ???? within Chinese football circles and is a pioneer and an outstanding leader of our great game in the world’s most populated country! ????

‘Howard’ started his football journey with the Beijing Bombers and became a Guangzhou Scorpions foundation player when the SCAFL – South China Australian Football League was established in 2012. The Scorpions also participate in the province-based Guangdong Australian Football League 广东澳式足球联盟 (GDAFL) outside of SCAFL commitments!

Amazingly, he’s represented the Team China Dragons at the 2008, 2011, 2014, & 2017 AFL International Cup and has captained the side on multiple occasions! ???? ????

Howard’s a passionate footballer, who rebounds strongly out of defence, thrives on aerial and ground level contests and inspires his teammates with his determination and leadership skills! ????

张浩 has coached, led and mentored hundreds of Chinese footballers and we’re forever grateful for his efforts and commitment to grow the game in China! ????????????

We loved catching up with the great man! ????


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Nicknames: Howard, but I had another one that a lot of players used to call me, but I’ve forgotten.

Preferred position/s: Centre half-back, but sometimes I like to play centre half-forward and kick some goals!

Best player/s you played with and against: In our team, Chen Shaoliang plays some great games both for the Scorpions and for China during internationals. For our opponents, Japan has some good players, but I can’t remember their names, but Mitchito Sakaki is definitely a standout. Papua New Guinea also has some very talented players.

Best teammate/s: Best teammate would be Shaun, but his Chinese name is Chen Shaoliang and we play together in the back field and have a great on-field relationship.

Most annoying teammate: Bruce would be annoying as he always tries to do it himself (he’s also known as the most muscular and sculpted player in Asia!).

Most difficult opponents: I think it would have to be Japan, as we’ve played them a lot during International Cups. From the SCAFL it would always be the Lantau Lizards as most of their players are very good and we have a lot of history together.

Most difficult direct opponent: Barbs from the SCAFL always played some good games against me.