AFL Asia is once again looking for individuals willing to nominate to sit on the AFL Asia Advisory Board (AAAB). The role of the AAAB is to assist in the operational, development and commercial functions of AFL Asia with the objective of developing and growing the game of Australian football in Asia.

This marks the first year that AFL Asia has operated with the AAAB, and sees members Jarrod Roberts, Chia Sabbatucci and Tom Lashan complete their initial terms. All members are free to re-nominate during this period. Grant Dooley and Matt Gale will serve another 12 months, with the newly appointed members to serve a two-year term.

Asia Development Manager, Simon Highfield, highlighted the important role the AAAB plays across the continent, stressing that “it’s paramount that we find the right people willing to contribute to football across Asia”.

Nominations will close on Friday the 16th of October 2020.

In the event of more than two nominations being submitted, the existing AFL Asia Member Clubs will then get the chance to nominate which two nominees they desire to sit on the AAAB. This will be communicated directly via email at the time.

The following timeline will be adhered:

  • 1st Oct – nominations open for AAAB
  • 16th Oct – nominations close for AAAB
  • 19th Oct – voting opens for AFL Asia Member Clubs to nominate their preferred candidates
  • 30th Oct – voting closes for AFL Asia Member Clubs to nominate their preferred candidates
  • 2nd Nov – successful candidates advised of their appointment to the AAAB

Those interested in nominating and require the mandatory nomination form, or those that require any further information are encouraged to directly contact AFL Asia or Simon Highfield at