It’s been a tough few months across the AFL Asia landscape and the globe. One of the great things coming from this tough period is the new and unique content channels being created. AFL Asia has enjoyed the great work Dezza and Hammo in the Philippines with the PAFL Chat – make sure you check it out – – and the Thailand Tigers have hosted some incredible midweek trivia nights during the lockdowns.

Now, we’ve finally brought to life our AFL Asia Podcast – How good is footy in Asia?

Streamed live on Facebook Osaka Dingoes legend and former AFL Asia president Matty Gale and the Vietnam Swans Billy Crang caught up Paul ‘Pot’ Halliday. Paul is a founder and continuing strength of footy in Jakarta, Indonesia and across the content. It was great to catch up on some of his story including some now legendary fiery on field moments.

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Dogs or cats: Dogs

Favorite holiday destination: Anywhere where there’s beer.

Biggest arch rival: Malaysia and Digger.

Scruncher or folder: Scruncher.

Favorite band: Deep Purple.

Nickname(s): The nickname pot came about when I got back involved in the club. I sort of tried to make my own nickname but sometimes they just don’t really work out. So I had Carlos for a while, I had flat top (even had a badge made up). But… some people tend to think I’m a bit of a dictator in the way I run the club, so… anyway Chad Loan, One night at training had had a bit of a gutful of me and he said – “you’re just like Pol Pot you’re just a dictator” so, Pol Pot.

Favorite meal: Dim Sims and a Chiko Roll.

What do you miss from back home the most: My son and my mum.

Favorite AFL team: Black & White.

Last words: I’d like to thank both of you guys. 2 of the nicest guys in AFL Asia. Billy I miss having a beer with you, same with you big fella (Matty). But I’d like to say to everyone out there in AFL Asia footy land. We’re all going through a pretty rough time. And there’s a lot of people, you probably don’t know, are suffering. So… Give your mate a ring if you haven’t heard from him in a while. I’ve had a couple of down times myself but I’m back up and firing now. It’s all about your friends, get around your friends and look after them. I actually had a guy ring me a couple of days ago, I probably haven’t spoken to him for 3 years since he left Asia, and he just gave me a ring and said how are you going mate. It’s not that hard, it isn’t going to cost you much if you’ve got WhatsApp or anything like that. So do it guys!