Episode 2 of the How Good Is Footy In Asia podcast we catch up with one of the great characters of Asian Footy. Osaka Dingoes legend and St Kilda Football Club’s No.1 fan in Japan in Yoshihiro Imagawa. Perhaps the only Asian born person who can sing all the AFL club theme songs (spoiler alert – he performs several for the podcast!).We’ll find out about how his passion for AFL footy evolved and where it’s led him.

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Age: 47

Nickname(s): Uhm, just Yoshi, Matty sometimes addresses me as Milney because Stephen Milne is my favorite club.

Clubs played for: Osaka Dingoes, Hong Kong Dragons and team mascot for the AFL Asia Lions.

Favorite number: 24 because of Stephen Milne.

AFL Team: Saints.

Best AFL Asia Player: Bracks from the Honk Kong Dragons. His kicking is incredible and I really respect him as a team player and team mate and a great player.

Favorite team mate: Matt of course.

Most annoying team mate: We had a crazy Andre , a Carlton supporter. (What about Darren Whitfield?) Yeah! He’s crazy as well!

What’s your favorite AFL Asia memory: Kicking a goal at the Impact International Cup after getting a free kick for tackling Brian Lake and kicking the goal.

Favorite meal: Sushi.

Scruncher or folder: Scruncher.

Cats or dogs: Dogs.

Coffee or tea: Coffee.

4 dinner guests: Nick Riewaldt, Stephen Milne, Matty Gale, Billy.

You’ve been heavily involved with AFL Asia, what has it meant for your life?: The sport has a great community and through AFL Asia I’ve made many friends. We’ve been able to talk about footy, play footy. Thanks Matty for bringing me into the Osaka Dingoes. Footy brings us together.