We’ve landed a big fish!

Former Western Bulldogs superstar and club favourite son Brad Johnson will join us for our latest podcast!

‘Johnno’ played a club record 364 games and kicked 558 goals for his beloved Bulldogs in a highly successful 17-year AFL career that spanned over 3 decades!

He is a 7-time All Australian and was named Captain of the 2006 All-Australian Team, won 3 Charles Sutton Medals as the Bulldogs Best & Fairest, was the ‘Sons of the West’ Leading Goalkicker for 5 seasons and was named in the Western Bulldogs Team of the Century!

Johnno was an absolute sharp-shooter in front of the big sticks, played with enormous passion, played above his height and was super strong in aerial contests and was a fantastic leader, highlighted by him captaining the Dogs for 4 seasons (2007-10)!

The team at Zena Sport have recently partnered with AFL Asia and we’re keen to explore Johnno’s journey with them!

We loved interviewing Johnno and unveiled him as our first ever official AFL Asia Ambassador!

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Nicknames: Johnno, Boofa, Ronnie, and the media driven Smiling Assassin.

Preferred position/s: Half-forward was my favourite position.

Best player/s you played with and against: With was Grannty, Smitty, Scotty West was unbelievable as a midfielder, Lindsay Gilbee, Robert Murphy was phenomenal as a player, Daniel Giansiracusa, Daniel Cross was a gun and the fittest guy I’ve ever seen in the game, Nathan Buckley. Played as a tagger in by early days and played on guys like Crawford, Craig Bradley, Johnny Platten, Peter Matera, so played on some of the best as a young player, Robert Harvey taught me a few lessons. But Matty Lloyd was probably my favourite opposition player though. He was a skilled player.

Best teammate/s: Rohan Smith was unbelievable, so he gravitated towards the young guys from the western suburbs. From day one he was the guy that put his arm around me.

Most annoying teammate: Daniel Giansiracusa was a pest, no doubt, but in a good way. Lindsay Gilbee was a prankster. Chris Brown was pretty good on the pranks as well, he wasn’t bad at wrapping bags in glad wrap, cutting handles off bags and gluing thongs to the top of your locker. We always had a bit of fun.

Most difficult opponents: Cam Bruce who used to play at Melbourne, he was difficult to play on and I used to play on him a bit. But I always made sure that if a player beat me, he wouldn’t beat me twice.

Favourite meal: It used to be spaghetti bolognese and lasagne but I ate too much of it as a player, but I love slow-cook lamb. It’s my favourite.

Favourite holiday destination: Noosa. Love it. It’s the best beach in the world.

Invite 4 people of your choice to a dinner party: Trevor Hendy was one of my idols growing up, so I’d love to have him there, and Usain Bolt and Carl Lewis, I would definitely love to have a meal with them for sure.

Best footy trip: Hong Kong. We had a couple of good trips there and absolutely loved them. Actually, Daniel Cross and Tom Williams jumped into the Hong Kong harbour and saved a girl. Even got bravery awards on the back of it too! But Hong Kong is an amazing place, the races are brilliant, the nightlife is great, the junk boats are fun and there was plenty to do during the day. And Queenstown in New Zealand is a good spot too!

3 things people don’t know about you: I don’t have social media and probably the only person in the world that doesn’t. My daughter is a singer and has released her latest song, and my son races go-karts. So singing and motor sport dominate our house more than footy.

What rules would you change in the AFL and how can we increase scoring? The new man on the mark rule will be interesting and one to watch early in the year, but I think the only rule that would work would be the last touch between the arcs. We see it in the AFLW. Best way of opening the game and allowing players to get going straight away, so in my mind that’s the one that will allow some better play through the mid-part of the ground.