Lao Elephants Football Club matriarch Caroline Bottrill is literally the backbone of the club and is a very passionate figurehead in the Elephants camp, who loves promoting local development! ?

During this podcast we’ll go behind the scenes and find out more about what life is like living in People’s Democratic Republic, Caroline’s direct involvement in the game and an insight into one of AFL Asia’s smallest clubs! ?

Caroline’s passion and drive for life will be at the forefront of this podcast and we hope that you enjoy getting to know her as much as we did! ?

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Tribal Talks with Caroline Bottrill


Nicknames: Cazza, Lowey, Matriarch

What Clubs have you played for? Port Douglas Crocs, Laos Elephants

Preferred position/s: Full-forward, centre-half forward

Number: 13

AFL team: Adelaide Crows

Favourite AFL Player: Tony Modra, Rory Sloane, Connor Rozee

Best teammate/s: Jodie Munzberg

Most annoying teammate: Felicity Walsh

Most difficult opponents: Cambodian Apsaras

Favourite opponent: Sophoan Peou

Best AFL Asia memory: Beating Hong Kong

Favourite meal: Seafood

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Coffee or tea: Tea

Favourite holiday destination: Vietnam

Invite 4 people of your choice to a dinner party: David Goggins, Barack Obama, Eddie McGuire and The Queen or Prince William

3 things people don’t know about you: Currently doing a lifestyle coaching course to become a life coach, played a lot of rep sport growing up (softball, netball, basketball) and right into self-development at the moment (yoga, drinking ketones and being healthy)

What do you like the most about playing footy in Asia? The camaraderie, the All-Asian match, and the welcoming nature of the community and the environment.

What does the future of AFL Asia look like and/or how do you see the sport impacting local communities across Asia? As long as the key volunteers and leaders of the community stay around AFL Asia will be ok. Who wouldn’t want to play football in Asia?!