The Philippine Australian Football League legend Evan Spargo has a long list of accomplishments and achievements, including being the Asian Champs MVP back in 2013, captaining his beloved Philippine Eagles to a drought breaking Asian Champs triumph in 2016, whilst also captaining the AFL Asia Lions on the big stage in 2018 & 2019! ?

He’s also one of only two people who have represented the Philippines in dual football codes, but there’s much more to this wonderful local development ambassador! ?

His brand off the sporting field, his humble nature and willingness to assist and develop others is inspiring to say the least! ?

This podcast will give you goosebumps as we unpack the greatness within our AFL Asia poster boy and all round nice guy – Spargs!!! ?



Nicknames: Spargs, Spartacus.

How many years have you been playing in Asia? Seven years, planning on making it eight!

Preferred position/s: Centre-half forward

Number: 23

AFL team: Melbourne

Best player/s in AFL Asia: Jack Ahearn and Michito Sakaki.

Best teammate/s: Winner Santos.

Most annoying teammate: Dezzo or Hammo.

Most difficult opponents: Dion Shaw.

Best AFL Asia memory: Holding up the Asian Champs Cup in 2016.

Favourite meal: Chicken Parmigiana

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Favourite holiday destination: Siargao, the Philippines.

Invite 4 people of your choice to a dinner party: Tony Robbins (for inspiration), Elon Musk (for genius), Gal Gadot (for the eye candy) and Michael Jordan.

Best footy trip: Hong Kong Tri-Series with the Dragons and the Wombats.

What do you like the most about playing footy in Asia? The community, the families you build along the way and the support you get from the boys. It shapes who you are.

3 things people don’t know about you: I was a choirboy growing up with an angelic voice (I lost it after the Champs in Saigon).

What does the future of AFL Asia look like and/or how do you see the sport impacting local communities across Asia? The future is bright with the new resourcing from the AFL! In order to develop and create programs, we need to create structure in the different countries, so something set in place to know this is the development, the pathway and this is the structure. Indonesia is doing a great job and if we can do that in most other Asian countries, we set that platform. If we can get more local guys in these systems and attract people in, they will own in, they will love it and it will be the catalyst for Asian football to expand even more than it already has.

Evan’s passion to get the best out of himself and his ability to assist and mentor others to do likewise was on display during his podcast with the AFL Asia team. It’s more important than ever due to COVID-19 that we reassess our lifestyle and workplace goals, whether that’s through self-care, self-development and/or learning and building from our past life experiences.
Evan’s life and wellness coaching business is tailored to assist you in all these key areas. In particular to help you navigate through change, help you have a higher capacity to reflect on your situation to break undesirable patterns keeping you stuck, and create a new perspective. At the end of the day, it’s developing you in becoming a better version or yourself and maximizing your unlimited potential.
For further details or enquiries please Evan directly at the following email address
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