You will recall that the All Asia jumpers for Asia’s best were not available at this year’s Asian Champs.

The beauty of getting the jumpers made after the event is that we are able to get the jumper in the size of the actual player as well as putting their own number on the back of the jumper.

So far, AFL Asia has received full details from Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Jakarta, China, Thailand and Macau.

We are still waiting to receive details from the Philippines, Malaysia and Lao.

Below is the list of those players selected:

Premiers – Singapore Wombats
1. Cam Wright
2. Troy Bruce
3. Cam Roydhouse
4. Grant Bell
5. Gregoir

Runners Up – Hong Kong Dragons
1. Liam Ginnovin
2. Peter Muir (who has played in all 15 Asian Championships (along with Hinchy from the Bali Geckos)
3. Paul Tempone
4. Lachie Evans

Semi Finalists # 1 – Philippine Eagles
1. Craig Marsh
2. Evan Spargo
3. Kar Weng

Semi Finalists #2 – Vietnam Swans
1. Nathan Milner
2. Josh Leary
3. Grant Keys

No. 5 – Jakarta Bintangs
1. Tim “Donkey” Simpson
2. Vincent Halim (Indonesian who joined the Club 4 months earlier)

No. 6 – Malaysian Warriors
1. Mike Fahey

No. 7 – Thailand Tigers
1. Jesse Anton

No. 8 – China Reds
1. Tim Noblett

No. 9 – Lao Elephants
1. Henry Cox

No. 10 – Macau Lightning
1. Nat McAlhaney