Jakarta Bintang and the man behind Movember in AFL Asia, Adam Drip Bray – who does more for charity than fashion – provides us all with an update below.

The mid point of November has been & gone, and I am very happy to say that we are now starting to see some extremely stylish, some may say disturbing, Movember entries coming in from around the continent.

There has been strong support from some teams, now represented are:

  • Jakarta Bintangs (multiple entries)
  • Singapore Wombats (multiple)
  • Hong Kong Dragons (x1)
  • Lao Elephants (x1)
  • Vietnam Swans (x1)
  • Macau Lightning (multiple)

Still plenty of Clubs not on that list, and you only ever get one chance at being the Inaugural winner of what will surely become one of the most sought after awards in years to come, so it is now or never!

All you have to do:

  • email me the name and email address of your teams Movember representative/s
  • I will contact them to obtain a current photo that showcases their newest & best feature, the Moustache
  • it’s that simple

Get on board – its just a bit of fun & it is for a great cause. Get in touch if you are keen – reply email is the go.