The Indochina Bulldogs are seeking a new logo and jumper. Can you help??

Ross McRae of the Vietnam Swans has details of the competition which you can win – if you’re good enough.

Comp ends 1st December, 2014
Open to everyone.The Indochina Bulldogs are looking for their colours.


Over the past few months, there has been a movement for getting an Indochina All Stars team together for the AFL’s International Cup in 2017. Last August, the Indochina Cup was played between the Thailand Tigers, Vietnam Swans, Cambodian Eagles, Laos Elephants and… the Myanmar Fighting Cocks. This is an annual tournament.

During this event, an All-stars team of nationals and players with parents who had Indochina heritage, played against an Australian all star team. The Indochina All Stars were born as they took charge and beat the Australian All Stars soundly.Special mentions to ex-West Coast Eagle, Andrew Embley who was coach for the Indochina Team (his father was born in Myanmar), as well as Laos with their national sprint champion playing for the Elephants.

To see photos of the tournament, click here.
At last month’s Asian Champs, the team name was decided: The Indochina Bulldogs – perhaps because the Doggies’colours are on each of the Indochina national flags and Rut Ngarmariyakul (Thai rep), the organiser of the first Indochina All Stars, is a huge Doggies fan.Next year, the Indochina Bulldogs have a good chance of travelling to Indonesia to play against the Indonesian Garudas AFL International team.

1. Create an original Indochina Bulldogs logo.

2. Create a playing jumper
Take reference from Western Bulldogs, past or present.

Files: <-psd template
Includes: gif and eps formats: country flags, AFL Asia Logo, guernsey template (to be used for final)

A. 1 or 2 designs, (if 2 then try and make them very different.)
B. Use the supplied guernsey template/outline for your final. It is important that all are designs are treated as equal as possible and not on the flashy template or software used. Do not use shading, unless it is part of the design, (ie. overlay). Request additional file formats if required.
C. Must use the AFL ASIA logo
D. Represent Indochina, either as a whole or each country.
E. Winner(s) accept that Indochina Bulldogs have the full use and right of the design(s) chosen.
F. Winner(s) will be announced on Bigfooty forum and AFL Asia website.
G. Winner(s) will provide all original artwork for use, and will accept any editing that might be required.

You don’t have to do both, you can focus on the logo only or the jumper…or even team up.
Can include additional supporting detail imagery if required to showcase your design.
Can include descriptive paragraph to explain your design(s) as part of your entry.
You don’t have to use the flags, they are just there for reference, just remember Rule D.
Colours can be the generic shades, does not need to be reference from the flags, you don’t even have to use all of them, just remember Rule D.
It is okay to submit your entries on one image as long as you use the template/outline design.
There is no issue if you rework old designs and redirect it to the Indochina theme, just follow the above conditions, but they must be yours and not another designers.

Images(s) to be uploaded to this forum. So you will need to register if you are new.

Not completely locked in, as requires full agreement, but one signed jumper from the team. But to begin with full recognition on websites, AFL ASIA, FB and other write ups when relevant.
Extra bonus if you ever travel to any of these countries as you will receive the full hospitality of the players, unless you already live there.

Players and Reps from the Indochina Bulldogs.

Please add any comments or questions below and I will update and discuss if required.

First comp posting, so I am sure there are plenty of questions and bugs to iron out.


Note: I will be also entering the comp, but will not be judge or take part in any decisions concerning final choices.

Special Mentions:
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