Last Saturday, 22 November 2014, the Thailand Tigers hosted an historic match against the Bangladesh Hunters who were making their debut.

The Final Score was Thailand Tigers 16.11. 107 defeated Bangladesh Hunters 1.1.7.

The following excerpt has been taken from the Thailand Tigers’ website.

The mighty Thailand Tigers were back on the footy ground for one last time this past Saturday to take on Asian Footy newcomers, the Bangladesh Hunters.

With the Indo-China Cup already under our belts, the Asian Champs a distant memory, and Presentation Night done and dusted, this was a festive festival of footy for all. The Tigers had been good for most of the year and thus they were gifted a beautiful Bangkok day with which to rewrap the footy season.

The Hunters quickly filed into Patana International School, with most unsure about what the rest of the day would hold for them. They seemed disorientated by their new surroundings, but the Tiger boys did their best to assure them that there was little to be afraid of, especially when it was quickly discovered that the Hunters would boast close to the 10 tallest players on the field as the Tigers were without their entire ruck division, most their key position stocks, and were wearing their short-stops in anticipation of a dry day. Of course, the Tigers remained supremely confident, knowing the quality of their little fellas and their faith in a well-devised and familiar game plan.

Thanks to the Bangladeshi’s wearing Brazilian soccer jerseys and creating a frightful clash with the yellow of the home team, the Tiger’s delved into their supply of old international jumpers and took the field wearing retro jumpers, circa 1998 (an estimation, based on the fact the sponsored pub closed down 15 years ago). The mothball and liniment-smelling jumpers had coach Dog harking back to days of ol’, when men were real men and footy was real footy, as he sent the Tigers onto the field for the first quarter.

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