Last weekend, the Vietnam Swans in HCMC hooked up with the Saigon Gaels for a game of mixed international rules.

The result was a ratings bonanza for the Swannies on Facebook. Typically, they would score a couple of hundred people reached. As of 25 Nov 2014, the number reached sits on 2,381. This followed on beautifully from the previous week’s International Rules match in Hanoi which had a reach of 959 and can be seen here.

For the post which first appeared here, see below:

Following the success of the Hanoi International Rules Canister game, the Saigon Swans in collaboration with the Gaels girls played a mixed IR game on Saturday. The girls took the chance to shine with their familiarity with the round ball, and set a high standard of game from the first ball-up.The Yellow team shone early, leading the majority of the game, with the Reds making a mighty come back to be 4 points up in the final quarter. However, some smart ball movement by the Yellows saw a couple of last minute goals seal the deal with a 10 point win at full time.

Standout performers on the day were Irish Mike, Jake, Hannah, Tim C, Alyson, Penny, Christine, Nath, and Yoko, with Dan M also showing impressive skill as goalkeeper. Goal of the day was easily won by Penny, with a screamer on the run from about 20m out finding the back corner of the net. Big thanks to Andy G for umpiring and for everyone that came down!