The Indonesian Garudas have released a promo video in the lead up to the AFL's 2014 International Cup. Click to play.

The Indonesian Garudas have released a promo video in the lead up to the AFL’s 2014 International Cup. Click to play.

The Indonesia Garudas have just reeleased a promo video.

Adam Bray, Assitant Coach of the Indonesia Garudas for IC14 explains more below.

This is a fantastic promo video that the Australian Embassy in Jakarta has put together for AFL Indonesia. It is about the Indonesia Garudas and their trip to Melbourne for the 2014 AFL International Cup, which is only two weeks away!

The air tickets are booked, and we have 28 Visas in hand. Nothing will stop us now! Very exciting stuff and it is actually a really cool and unique milestone in the history of Australia – Indonesia relations!

If you are based in Melbourne and would like to support Indonesia’s first ever national footy team during the two week long tournament – I encourage you to contact me or AFL Indonesia via Facebook.

If you are not based in Melbourne here are three things that any person on this page could still do right now to help the campaign if they so desire:

  1. Take 2 minutes out to watch the Video – you will love it! Guaranteed.
  2. Please ‘share’ the video (via AFL Indonesia) to your page – pump it up to your mates!
  3. Click on this Fundrazr link and chip in a few bob -help put the icing on the cake!

Whether you do 1,2 or 3 or all of the above – it’s up to you! But I can promise it will be greatly appreciated and will certainly make a difference. Ayo Garudas!


  1. Only Indonesians can be selected to play in the Indonesian Garudas team. Non-Inodnesians on the tour are self-funded support staff.
  2. AFL Asia is a Club 500 Member of the Indonesian Garudas (AFL Indonesia also contributed $500 to TEAM CHINA’s campaign)
  3. AFL Asia will be hosting an event in Port Melbourne on 17 August to celebrate the five competing teams from Asia as will as the organisation’s 1st Birthday.