For episode 4 we catch up with the Vietnam Swans Northern leader Jake Norris.
‘Jakey’ is one of the most passionate and courageous footballers in Asia, with literally more scars on his head than the Geelong Cats Joel Selwood!


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Nickname(s): Ginger-nut, Burra, Norris, and now the Junkyard Dog aparently, oh and Chuck Norris.

Teams played for: Ironbank & Cherry Gardens, Edwards Town Football Club, Hamburg Dockers, Rosewater (not the greatest club!).

Years playing footy in Asia: 3 years all up.

Favorite position: Where are we talking? I love playing in the guts or a half back flank but if I had my way put me up forward and I’ll kick a bag.

Favorite number: I’m wearing number 5 at the moment.

AFL team: The Crows, less said the better at the moment.

Best AFL Player: Can’t go past Dusty Martin, Paddy Cripps also at the Blues.

Best ever team mate: All of them.

Most annoying team mate: Kerro.

Most difficult opponent: Spargs.

Favorite meal: Tofu

Scruncher or folder: Folder.

Cats or dogs: Bit of both.

Coffee or tea: Coffee.

Favorite holiday destination: Anywhere in Asia.

4 dinner guests: Joaquin Phoenix, Shane Warne, Mike Tyson and prime Halle Berry.

Best thing about footy in Asia: The camaradarie, trips with your mates, having a few beers and a few laughs.

3 things people may not know about you: Ahh, I think you’ve covered most things here.

How do you see the future of footy in Asia? What impact can the sport have on communities?: The work that’s been done at grass roots levels can hopefully enable us to get a few more teams full of locals in future years from the region to the International Cup in Australia. Also the work that’s been done act grass roots with charities. That’s a big thing that’s been done really well in all Asian countries it seems, things like what Jack did the other week raising all that money for everyone in Bali.

Last messages: Just look after yourselves, take care. Please advocate Black Lives Matters, it’s a very important thing that’s happening at this time and should have happened alot sooner and if you need any information on Veganism give me a shout and if you’re travelling around South Australia drop by Burra and check out my old mans shop (The Pharaoh’s Tomb).