Sophoan Peou from the Cambodian Apsaras AFLW Team was absolutely sensational and inspiring to say the least in Episode 5 of the How good is footy in Asia podcast, tune in as it’s compelling viewing!!!

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Nicknames: SoSo

Clubs: Cambodian Apsaras, Cambodia’s Gaelic team

Years playing footy in Asia: 3

Favorite position: Kicking goals up forward (Kokke take note)

Number: 10

AFL team: None

Best player in AFL Asia: For Malaysia – the captain Lindsay, HK Dragons – Katie

Favorite team mate: Everone

Most annoying team mate: Sa-Kao

Most difficult opponent: Malaysian opponent – get her EVERY time!

Best AFL Asia Memory: Touring Saigon and the women’s team and men’s teams having a win.

Favorite meal: Somlor Korkou

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Coffee or tea: Tea

Favorite holiday destination: India

Choose any 4 people in the world to have dinner with: Mum, little brother, big sister, little sister. (One non family member: Peter Kokke)

Favorite thing about playing footy in Asia: Being a part of a team

3 things people may not know about you: I used to work in a garbage dump, used to have no food and I lost my little brother

What are you most looking forward to in the future of AFL Asia: A women’s Indonesian team forming, more teams to play against.