Inspirational Shuffle and Strides duo Jack Ahearn and Nick Royan joined us for our latest #howgoodsfootyinasia Podcast – Episode 26!

Whilst most people might recognize Jack as the Bali Geckos courageous captain and Nick as a bustling enforcer on the field, their best work is being well and truly served off of the field as Shuffles (Nick) and Strides (Jack)!

The Shuffle and Strides lads are on a mission to promote positive life choices, while de-stigmatizing the topic of mental health through physical and mental challenges within their Shuffle and Strides community and 20talk!

This podcast is a MUST WATCH, as it’ll inspire you, pull at your heart strings and you’ll potentially shed a tear, and what it will provide you with, is the necessary motivation to take some action within your life and your network!