The Vietnam Swans have announced their committee for season 2022. The committee includes a national executive team, which will oversee local committees in both Hanoi and Saigon.

President Eric Kerrison will continue in his role in the chief position, marking his sixth year in the seat.

The official statement, as below, was released on the Swans website.

“As we gear up for the 2022 season the call has gone out to “Make the Swannies Great(er) Again” and it has been answered nation wide. We see the 2022 season as one in which the club can consolidate on productive limited years due to Covid and begin moving back towards normalcy. We’re thrilled to have a committee that brings together fresh blood and old energy and experience. Below is the current structure at the National Executive level and in both Saigon and Hanoi. Thanks to all our volunteer committee members for putting your hands up and to all our players and supporters – please reach out to support your committee at times throughout the season to help share the load as widely as possible. Membership packages, tentative 2022 calendars and sponsorship announcements will follow in the coming weeks.”


National Executive

President – Eric Kerrison

Treasurer – Rod Stone

Operations Manager (Hanoi) – Matt Bahen

Operations Manager (Saigon) – Matt Barton

Communications – Bill Crang

National Coach – Tom Sullivan


Hanoi Local Committee

Operations Manager – Matt Bahen

Logistics – Diep Nguyen (assisted by Eva and Malone Dunlavey)

Social – Louise Ode Bezuidenhout and Paul Villanova (assisted by Eva Dunlavey)

Football Operations

Cross Code Liaison – Ashley Abrahams (women) and Neil Hiney tbc (men)

Junior Development – Trung Le (mentored by Callum Maxwell)

Local Development – to be confirmed

AFL Coach – Matt Bahen

AFLW Coach – Ashley Abrahams


Membership/Merchandise (Hanoi) – Malone Dunlavey


Content Creation – Philips van der Browne

Technical – Malone Dunlavey


Saigon Local Committee

Operations Manager – Matt Barton

Logistics – Steve Diep

Social – Will Sandman

Football Operations

AFL Coach – Tim Pickert

Cross Code Liaison – Wayne McMahon

Local Development – TBC

AFLW Coach – Chia Sabbatucci

Junior Development – TBC


Membership/Merchandise – Garret Lombard


Technical – Josh Pike