Things are hotting up for the 2014 AFL International Cup: 9-23 August.

Things are hotting up for the 2014 AFL International Cup: 9-23 August. Things are hotting up for the 2014 AFL International Cup: 9-23 August. Last weekend, AFL Asia

Last weekend, AFL Asia President Phil Johns sent an update to the presidents of all member clubs.

Below is an abridged version of all things happening in footy in Asia.

AFL Asia is just 11 months old and it really seems to be hitting its straps now. There is so much happening. The landscape is changing and AFL Asia is doing a fair bit of the carving.

The AFL’s 2014 International Cup

Stenno (AFL Asia’s Melbourne-based representative) is busily organising the AFL Asia function in Port Melbourne in the evening of Sunday 17 August (the Japan, Indian, Indonesian and Chinese teams have been invited by the AFL to attend an AFL match at the MCG in the afternoon). As well as the four teams, there will be heaps of ex AFL Asia players so please help spread the word.

South Melbourne Districts Football Club are wanting to help promote the function and there will be a screening of the new film, “Aussie Rules the World”. It is extremely likely that several AFL personalities and some media will be there.

The four Asian teams are going to enjoy great support in Melbourne and it is the responsibility of each of our Asian footy clubs to help spread the word back in Australia. Here comes Asian footy!

Fundraising for teams playing in AFL’s International Cup

It’s costing up to $100K for the participating teams to compete in the IC.

At the Manila Cup a fundraiser was held to support member clubs going to Melbourne. China and Indonesia will each get $500 each from that AFL Asia fundraiser.

Mic Mittasch from the Beijing Bombers has offered to donate, as an auction item, a week at a villa in Phuket. One idea is that each of the 4 clubs get an item that will be placed on eBay for auction. It could be set up as a competition to generate more interest, exposure and bids. The deadline could be during the AFL Asia function on 17 August. Any interest from Japan, Indonesia and India?

Myanmar Fighting Cocks to join Indochina Cup

The Myanmar Fighting Cocks, under the new Presidency of Henry Cox – hi Henry! – will play in this year’s Indochina Cup in Thailand. The Fighting Cocks will join Vietnam, Thailand, Lao and Cambodia.

There will also be a combined team of Nationals from those countries to play a combined team of foreigners who aren’t playing in the Indochina Cup.

During the week, we asked the AFL whether a combined Indochina team would be eligible to play in the next International Cup in 2017. They agreed. Hmmmm, interesting…

AFL Flying Boomerangs to tour China in September

Shannon Watt from the Shanghai Tigers reports that the AFL’s Flying Boomerangs program “has been running for about 4 years and is fully AFL backed and funded. The team is composed of the best and brightest U16 indigenous players from around Australia. The trips have been scattered about the world, I believe the last 2 were held in South Africa and New Zealand. It has been decided that China will be the yearly destination from now on which is a great thing for China and AFL Asia. Last year’s number 1 pick Jack Martin was a product of this program.

“The purpose of the tour is to provide the young indigenous footballers with experiences to help with the transition into the AFL system. These experiences are not all football development hence the international trip. From the info I have been given they want to open the players eyes in terms of Chinese culture, history, hardships and facilities. Shanghai has been asked to provide a visit to an orphanage, some charity work, a look into life in Shanghai’s “old town” and any other experiences that will be beneficial to the players development.

“The Shanghai Tigers will also be holding a joint training session with the team as well as a match (which we will have to recruit mighty well for!).” They will also catch up with the Beijing Bombers and the Guangzhou Scorpions.

Hopefully the Melbourne based Flyers will be able to drop in on the AFL Asia function in Melbourne on 17 August.

For more info, click here.

Lao Elephants have a new sister club

Lao President, Steve Chappy Chapman, reports that the Elephants have formed “a sister club arrangement with my old football club, Wanneroo, back in Perth. I played there from the age of 13 until last year. They are a bloody great bunch of blokes. We are also looking into getting two of our local guys over from Laos to play a game of amateur footy in 2015.”

Asian Champs Facebook page launched

The Philippine Eagles have launched a new Facebook page dedicated to the 2014 Asian Champs. You can find it by clicking here.

Also, don’t forget to “Like” AFL Asia’s Facebook page by clicking here. Always plenty of news circulating at a pretty fast rate.

Has your footy club appeared in the media this year?

If it has, we want to list a link to the story on the dedicated “Media” page on AFL Asia’s website by clicking here.

Already there is 22 articles that we know about from this year. If we capture and pool that information in the one place, then our credibility is much greater. We don’t want to lose those great promotional pieces written about your club.

Australia Network…

So far, nobody seems to know. The Australian Business Groups around Asia, the AFL and the ABC all seem to have a different story as to what will happen. Probably, the weight of numbers is the service finishing on 18 September – just before the AFL Grand Final (are you kidding me??). But it might not be.

To read the latest – which won’t make you less confused, click here.

To see the ABC TV News segment last month with AFL Asia President, Phil Johns, talking about the possible demise of the Australia Network, click here.

AFL Asia Committee

With Stenno moving back to Melbourne – and staying on with AFL Asia as our on-the-ground Australian connection, we are light on by one committee member in Asia. Ideally the person would coordinate sponsorships. Very grateful for any nominations.

As you can see, plenty of stuff happening. And it’s all mega awesome.