Chairman of the Indonesian Garudas’ 2014 International Cup campaign, John Eddy, provides an update on his team’s remarkable journey.

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Hi 500 Club members,

See below for the latest update on the IC14 ladder and note our next game is v Sweden on Tuesday at 11.30am

Yesterday at Diggers Rest we were again on the receiving end of a lop-sided scoreline but as the saying goes, ‘the scoreboard did not tell the true story’. Never has that saying been as true as it was at Diggers Rest Oval on 16 Aug 2014.

While the French team won the footy, there was no argument that Indonesia won the hearts of the Diggers Rest community. The Garudas were perfect ambassadors for Indonesia all day long, both on and off the field. Given that we arrived at the Diggers Rest Football Club 10.30am and did not leave until close to 11pm, that was a fair effort!

It’s hard to fully explain the way International Teams can change the dynamics of a day at the footy. Best summed up by the Diggers Rest President, Chris Payne, at the post-match presentations when he said ‘this is the most amazing day I have ever been involved in at this football club’

At the presentations we gave an Indonesian Garudas jumper to both club Presidents (Diggers Rest and Rupertswood) and a further jumper to the Captain of France. In addition we have awarded the Diggers Rest Football Club full 500 Club membership in recognition of the outstanding hospitality we received all day long.

Go Garudas!