When Kirsty Hill signed up to AFL Asia’s 2023 tipping competition, she wasn’t aware of the profound impact she was about to have on Australian football in Asia just a few months later.

Despite not being affiliated to an AFL Asia club, Kirsty saw AFL Asia’s tipping competition last year and jumped at the opportunity. Being a Brisbane Lions tragic, and loving both AFL and AFLW, she was thrilled to learn that Australian football existed in Asia and other parts of the world.

“I have no idea how I came across the 2023 tipping comp! However, I’m glad I did.”

Based in Maryborough, a few hours north of Brisbane in Queensland, little did she know that her victory would impact four different clubs across AFL Asia. After taking out the title by winning AFL Asia’s 2023 tipping competition, she was awarded $1000 worth of brand new Sherrins to allocate to AFL Asia clubs of her choice.

“Glad I could help. I wanted to spread the love, so tried to select a handful.”

Footballs in Asia are a very valuable commodity, with Sherrins and other brands scarcely stocked in sports stores in Asia, and the iconic leather ball a much-required resource to train and play our game. Therefore, a few footballs go a long way to keeping and attracting players and providing positive football experiences for players of all skill levels.

When Kirsty learned about AFL Asia, she decided that the Jakarta Bintangs, Malaysian Warriors, Philippine Eagles and Vietnam Swans would be the lucky recipients of her kind donation. Safe to say, they were well received.

Ben Giles, President of the Jakarta Bintangs, welcomed the news.

“Congratulations to Kirtsy for winning last year’s tipping comp, and a massive thanks to her for thinking of the Jakarta Bintangs to donate part of her winnings. It will be great to kick off our new season in March with some new footies!”

Rod White, member of AFL Asia’s Advisory Board, echoed Ben’s sentiment, reaffirming the effect that a few footballs can have on an entire club.

“The simplest of things in Asian football such as grass to play on and access to womens’ and kids’ footballs to kick around!  Back in Australia, these things we can take for granted but when you are trying to develop and teach a sport that local country players have never seen or heard or may not understand your Aussie accent, having the basics goes a long way!”

As the 2024 AFL Premiership Season is fast approaching, your chance to win $1000 worth of Sherrins for your favourite AFL Asia club is too. Sign up here (www.footytips.com.au/comps/AFLAsia) and have a crack for a chance to win and be crowned the winning tipster of AFL Asia’s 2024 tipping competition. Which club are you going to donate footballs to?