AFL Asia 2019 AFLW Asian Championships

This year’s first ever All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team was born out of an outstanding initiative and was introduced by the Vietnam Lady Swans 2018 AFLW Asian Champions Coach Chia Sabbatucci and their impressive Irish Gaelic-convert and leader Naomi Reidy.

The 2019 All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team medals were kindly prepared, donated and mailed to Vietnam by Naomi’s father, Bernie Reidy, who owns a trophy shop in Ireland.

It would be fantastic to see the lightning quick and courageous All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team actually play together as they could be an all-conquering outfit, who would’ve been unofficially led by their fearless Captain Neat Khin (Cambodian Apsaras), Head Coach Chia Sabbatucci (Vietnam Lady Swans), Assistant Coach Peter Kokke (Cambodian Apsaras) and Runner Naomi Reidy (Vietnam Lady Swans).

We are very appreciative of Bernie’s generosity and are very thankful of Chia and Naomi for introducing the wonderful initiative as passionate AFLW Local Development Ambassadors!

2019 All-Asian AFLW Asian-Born Team

Neat KhinCaptain – Cambodian Apsaras *All-Asian AFW Team*

Noy NanCambodian Apsaras

Brenda ChanHong Kong Dragons

Sally WongHong Kong Dragons

Masyita HatuenaIndonesia – Plays for the Singapore Wombettes

Nini BeltranPhilippines – Plays for the Vietnam Lady Swans

Kimberly ChowSingapore Wombettes

Thi Ngoc Linh Nguyen – Vietnam Lady Swans

Thi Xuan Thuy Nguyen – Vietnam Lady Swans


Chia Sabbatucci Head Coach, Vietnam Lady Swans

Peter Kokke Assistant Coach, Cambodian Apsaras

Naomi Reidy Runner, Vietnam Lady Swans