The Singapore Wombats had to weigh up going to champs this year due to the rising price of excess baggage on airlines. 6 Asian Championship Cups don’t travel lightly and are not easy to move around, which is why we needed the Private Chartered 777 Jet to Kuala Lumpur for the away leg of the Changi Cup. The Wombats however have made the decision to overcome this adversity and come charging into Bangkok to defend the title.

Captains Comments – by Sanchez the Wombat:

It’s great to be back in Bangkok, after a standard year of touring. Winless, Skill-less and bereft of fitness our boys are determined to turn up at champs and repeat last years performance. Coming into the 2015 Asian Championships we see a number of very difficult items in the division 1 fixture. A 7am kickoff is always tough after a big night out, and trying to stay awake until the mid afternoon grand final is always a difficult one backing up from the sleepless Friday Night on the town.

No doubt there will also be some challenging games. We had to give the Changi Cup back to our Arch Rival the Warriors because we didn’t have the Private Jet home so revenge is needed there, whilst our Arch Rival Hong Kong showed the extra man tactic during the group rounds last year is a strong one, we will need to be prepared. Jakarta, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines are all better than us so we will likely need to come together as mates and back in Sanchez to carry us home. Congratulations to Sanchez by the way who just got married to the Lovely Missus Sanchez, those who were at the wedding chapel saw how as always he has that much extra time and space down the aisle.

The Presidents Comments – by Sanchez the Wombat:

Wow! what a year. Early in the year we presented to the club a picture of how to achieve Asian Champs success. Sanchez said I didn’t show his best selfie, but he agreed with the plan. It has been a long year though, with the October champs meaning for about 3 weeks our players actually have to talk to interact at the Pub instead of watch the footy which is always awkward. As always we would like to thank all our volunteers around the club, without you, we would have to play the blokes who fancy themselves as footballers and that wouldn’t be a good result.

It has come to our attention that clubs are taking the Asian champs VERY seriously, so to meet the rising standards of Asian Football the club has implemented a 3 strikes and you are out policy for kicking floaters or dropping chest marks. So far we have had to rebuild the side 3 times this year which is why we are taking 63 players to champs, with 21 players on 2 strikes and another 28 guys who will likely not even last through the warm up, so we need the numbers. Special thanks to Steve Dank for coming over and doing your best to get the boys the edge, on behalf of the club we apologize that they were all no shows but words like ‘Vitamins’ ‘Time Trial’ and ‘Accountability’ have never attracted players at our club.

Finally, good luck to all sides, most of you well know that Bangkok is the home of surprises, so I’m sure things will be very interesting and nerve wracking as you are trying to ensure your opponent has far less ball than you do. The only real way to prove success though is of course achieved by going hard for the cup.