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About AFL Asia

AFL Asia is the representative body for Australian football in Asia, who support over 20 countries across the continent to grow the game.

AFL Asia’s purpose is to progress the game and share its heritage and possibilities across Asia, with a vision to be the AFL’s leading international growth region.

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latest articles

2024 Asian Championships locked in

AFL Asia are excited to announce that the Asian Championships are locked in again for 2024! Our premier, annual tournament will be held on Saturday August 31, 2024, at the Thai Polo and Equestrian Club …

Winning 2023 tipster shares the spoils of victory

When Kirsty Hill signed up to AFL Asia’s 2023 tipping competition, she wasn’t aware of the profound impact she was about to have on Australian football in Asia just a few months later. Despite not being …

Sayonara Matt Gale

By Rob Spurr The Big G is big. 6’4 type of big. Big voice, big handshake, big emoji range and big smile. Mostly big heart though. Not uncommon in the region, Matt’s decade within the Asian footy community was …

Swans walk the walk

By Chris McAsey In Australia there’s a belief that footy is a great equaliser. People from all walks of life come together to play and watch footy, while programs such as Auskick provide opportunities for most …

2024 looking bright for Advisory Board

AFL Asia is pleased to announce that Stephanie Smith and Jake McIntosh have been elected to the AFL Asia Advisory Board (AAAB) for 2024. The appointments are the result of a month-long process where AFL Asia …

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